Primewell Tires

Primewell Tires, Good and Cheap or Just Cheap?

Primewell tires are manufactured in China by a company called Giti, and distributed in the US by Bridgestone-Firestone. With that being said, the Bridgestone-Firestone tire company seems to carry them as a low end gap fill for those that either cannot afford or are unwilling to shell out the change for its higher end tire.

Numerous discussion groups seem to come down on the same points about Primewell. According to numerous forums and news groups, the tires suffer from consistent wet traction problems as well as noise related issues at low speeds. We even offer some customer reviews below that tell a mixed story. So you judge for yourself.

As far as overall safety goes, the tires are required to maintain at least a minimum safety standard to pass DOT qualification to be able to be marketed in the United States, but the age old adage still applies; you get what you pay for. And in the tire world, cheap tires are worth what you pay for them.

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Seem Ok

I will give an update when it rains but so far they can handle accelerating and braking nicely and they have good traction on turns at like 40mph that are supposed to be done slower.


Wilmington, DE


I wont be buying any more Primewell tires any time soon. Almost got me killed when I had some on my Z Car a while back after my factory tires wore out,and lemme tell you, i couldn't get traction to save my life, ABS was always kicking on, and damn if I didn't almost die on 3 seperate occasions when the ass end slid out on the street.



You get what you pay for

My suggestion is dont get primewell tires, even if you dont have to pay for em. Not if you like living



Good tire

I put some on my civic and they seem to work just fine. I dont do alot of driving but they seem to be fine


Tempe, Ac


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